About Us Losers.

There's two admins. Read about both of us... and YOU could be on here! Haha, no. Okay, maybe. MAYBE.
"There are some dreams that cannot be." -Susan Boyle, I Dreamed A Dream.

Well, we're currently searching for another one or two authors (and possible admins) to add to this blog, seeing as we don't have as much time to post stuff due to school and life dilemmas and procrastination.
Read more about that here.


About... Tennie.

Hey there. I'm Tennie. (Short for Tenten, the freaking epic weapons mistress from Naruto!)
[I read, not watch - okay, maybe at times, Naruto. NEJITEN FTW. WOOOOO!]
I love indie pop. I really do. We have great bands like Oasis, or Mumford & Sons, or My Chemical Romance that are crushed by Lady Gaga, or Justin Bieber, or Nicki Minaj. They're like Barbies, manufactured and not real... That's my humble (*coughawesomecough*) opinion. ^.^
Some of those famous groups, like Karmin, the Beatles, PSY (yeah, I like K-pop. and J-pop.), Ellie Goulding, people like that. Ones who sing from their soul, and not auto-tune.
I'm a weird person. I'll let you know that. (You know those Asian puddings from Asian markets that you dump into hot water and pour them into a bowl and wait for them to cool? I drink those. Case proven.)

About... Ahri-chan.

Wassup bros/audience! I am Ahri-chan! Yes. I'm very aware that Ahri is a LoL character. Really aware of that. xP
Anyways... I am a fellow K-Pop and J-Pop fan! I like songs that are English too! Don't worries, bros/audience! You guys might see my post everyday or so. If not... BLAME IT ON SCHOOL! XD Yuppie!
Music is my life. Literally. Where I would be without it... I'm serious. It saved me.
Sometimes it really relates to you. Plus... you might need a song to do some head-banging too. I know I need music like that.
(For the Bro Army)
(for the Audience) DODODODODODODO
and... BOOP~!!!

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