Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

I hate the beach, but I stand in California with my toes in the sand.

Hi guys! Happy June. It's finally summer vacation, or coming up for a lot of you. :)
My school year's over, so there's not really much for me to do but:

  • read
  • play video games :3
  • babysit my little brother
  • learn Japanese
  • run more
  • exercise more, generally
  • and do more with my life that I never bothered to do before.

I'm kind of excited for summer.

But back to the song!
I can't interpret this song without sounding like a fake.
Thus, I will find answers off of the great internet!
Is it possible this song revolves around the speaker admitting that they are currently in a relationship of infidelity? 
SHE knows what I think about...just US, YOU find out. Nothing that we don't wanna tell you about.
At first listen, it sounded like a cute song but after listening to it a few times, it sounds more like a confessional. There's a You and there's a She and I think they're different people. He's having a relationship on the side and he's telling "you" that it's too cold here; he can't offer her his sweater, but he can offer her a place in the holes of his sweater. 
She's getting somebody else's leftovers. Am I off?
 - BatteryPoweredLight,
This answer conflicts with this one:
He wants a woman he can't have. He's singing to her.

She knows he wants her and there's an obvious mutual attraction but nothing can happen due to the situation... he'll settle with holding her hands in the holes of his sweater. 

This song has nothing to do with a threesome or women. It's one woman he wants that he can't have.
Oh, she knows what I think about 
And what I think about 
One love, two mouths (him and her) 
One love, one house (him and her) 
No shirt, no blouse 
Just us, you find out (he wants her to be curious) 
Nothing I really wanna tell you about no 
'Cause it's too cold whoa 
For you here 
And now, so let me hold whoa 
Both your hands in the holes of my sweater
 - lilb,

And there was another response about having a threesome, which I just did not want to post. ;n;"

Please, do listen to the song. I'd like to hear your responses.
Have a great summer!

One love, one house. No shirt, no blouse.

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