Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hurting for a Very Hurtful pain - VY1/VY2

Konnichiwa everyone! I once again apologize for me being gone for so long again! Here's my reasons..

  • I started to learn to write Japanese again so I have heavy homework. AUGH D:
  • I am soon doing a solo for my dance studio and I have so much damn contracts to sign, I have to choose songs, I have to do so much T^T
  • I started to stream on twitch.tv for League of Legends or whatever I feel like playing.
  • Beside the fact I have solo dance stuff, I still have summer classes for dance also and yea. > <
  • I recently finished my testing for my Archery Class and Fencing so I have to tutor kids now GAHH
  • Summer..plans..the usual
Only listing six since that is my favorite number :3 I dunno why..Six is just a very close number to me since I turned 3 HAH~!

But going on to the song, I really like the song. The meaning of it is still unsure to me at this point. I have many theories to it so I'll list one.

VY1 and VY2 are not officially listed as brother and sisters so for this theory, VY1 is a person and VY2 is his other side or something like that. VY1 is struggling with life and he's trying to push through depression. There for, he's hurting over a hurtful pain. His shadow, VY2, keeps reminding him about depression and saying 'go away' for the meaning of 'leave life.' Later in the song, VY1 is finally free and he is happy, but VY2 comes back and he goes through the cycle again.

And the song obviously is not VY1 and VY2..I just LOVE this version..I do I'm sorry! I just love how the song fits with their voices better! It sounds so...GAHH LOVE IT!!

I'll try to be more active if I have the time. Till then..CYA!!


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  1. VY2 is the masculine voice. VY1 is singing the minor parts like "go away, go away"
    VY2 is singing "why does it hurt?"