Friday, April 26, 2013

Ronald Jenkees - Throwing Fire

Yep, it's a song without lyrics. Otherwise, you would have read some of the lyrics I really liked. :D
But it doesn't matter that this song doesn't have lyrics! It's awesome, upbeat, and pure amazing.

Ronald Jenkees is a talented musician who plays by ear. He played in high school marching band, where he tried reading sheet music but went back to mainly playing by ear.

He currently has three CDs out as of 2012 - Ronald Jenkees (2007), Disorganized Fun (2009), and Days Away (2012).

This piece, Throwing Fire, is from the CD Disorganized Fun.

Although this video is quite old (2008), it's still catchy and definitely epic.
I play the keyboard too, but to me, those who play by ear are more talented than those who read sheet music, like me. I can play by ear, but by default, I'd rather play from sheet music. Sadly. :<

I listen to this track when I play MapleStory, hehe. <3

Enjoy. Have a great day!


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