Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hatsune Miku - Shinitagari?

Chorus Lyrics:

(Please note that they lyrics are Japanese. I put in the Romaji version just for the sake of you english people~!^-^)
shinitagari shinde mo ii yo
daremo kamaccha kure yashinai yo
shinitagari shinde mo ii yo
mou kikiakita shinde mo ii yo

shinitagari mada ikiten no
shinitai kuse ni naze ikiten no
shinitagari shinde mo ii yo
shinitain daro shindara ii yo

My Notes/Commentary:

(About time you posted Ahri!) I know I know..School is a butt load of work..Don't blame me! I'm currently updating everything so please bare with me! I completely appologize so by that, I'll do two posts here and two on my other blog! Sounds good? Hope so..

But anyways.. WHERE ARE MY VOCALOID FANS! I have now added a Hatsune Miku song and I will soon put up the Kagamine Twins! I, myself, am not a big fan of Miss Hatsune but doesn't mean I hate her music right?

Basically, this song is about people who FAKE being depressed and show EVERYONE that they are and Miku is basically thelling them "You wanna die? Go ahead and die. No one would care the slightest if you died. So stop this and live life to its fullest..!" I completely agree with Miku here. There is a big difference between depressed people and fake depressed people. The real depressed don't show it and only tell their close friends or no one at all. Fakes show it to everyone. To the fake depressed, I shall sum up this song for you right now. We know you're faking it because you're always happy and when you being to not be noticed, you become all sad and start cutting and showing everyone. You run to everyone and tell them and you keep saying "I hate life" "You don't understand this at all!" "Leave me alone!!" But really you're the one that came to us, didn't tell us a single detail about it, and everyone hates life in their own way so shut up. .-. Stop being so 'depressed' and live life to it's fullest!

Wow..such a long rant about it huh? I know this song seems so mean but at the end, the last line is "Stop doing this and live life to it's fullest!" So it's not a bad song if you think about it like that. Miku is just pissed that everyone is pretending to be depressed and keeps asking her for her help but end up telling her to leave them alone turning Miku to get mad like this. I under stand this a lot. Believe me. I can tell the difference between real depressed and fake depressed. Kinda obvious if you ask me.

Don't hate me after this rant. I just said my opinion and everyone should be able to say their opinion. OKay. I'll get started on my next rant which will be out...TONIGHT!! CYAAA~!^-^