Monday, March 18, 2013

Phoenix - Entertainment

What you want, and what you do to me. I'll take the trouble that you have in mind.

First of all, I feel really terrible for not updating. I am so sorry.
Second of all, Happy (Belated) St. Patrick's Day!

I am pretty sure that I posted one or two Phoenix songs earlier last year. Probably 1901 and Liztomania. Oh well, those were the only two I was most familiar with. :)

This was on the radio, and I shot up and yelled, "I MUST POST THIS!" at 8:07 in the morning last week. Luckily, I was alone in the car. So, no worries there.
My fuzzy socks beg to differ.
I'm being very random today.

Anyways. I hope you enjoy this song. I believe they recorded this in Paris.

Till next time. Ja ne.
I love, I love, I love, I notice. I heard it all before I died.

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