Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lulu and the Lampshades - You're Gonna Miss Me (Cups)

You're gonna miss me by my hair, you're gonna miss me everywhere, oh - you're gonna miss me when I'm gone.
Hiya, guys.
I'm just here to announce that I won't be able to update regularly anymore, according to my school schedule. It sucks, I know. I'm sorry.

But for now, here's the song.
You're Gonna Miss Me, a traditional folk song, done to the cup beat, is what this is. The first version is done by the duo 'Lulu And The Lampshades', but Anna Kendrick, as Beca in the movie Pitch Perfect, does it too for her 'audition' in the movie scene.

And this is all I really have time for.
Thanks for staying with us, guys.
That offer to be an author still stands.

Two bottles of whiskey for the way.

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