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Three Days Grace - (I Hate) Everything About You

Every feeling that I get, but I haven’t missed you yet.
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This song isn’t going to have any of my opinions of what the song means, and I’m just going to post several opinions I found online.
I don’t even feel like doing research on Three Days Grace. I’m sorry. I do like TDG, I’m just really tired and have to study for finals, guys. I promise a better post next time.
(Currently listening to Wait and Bleed by Slipknot. I really like this song. <3)

This song means someone you loved screwed you over and you still love them, you miss them when you stop and think about what happened and think about what you could have been when them, and you hate them. So why do you still love them? This song poses that question.
This song is about abusive relationships. Whether it be between a parent and child, a boyfriend and girlfriend or any other derivative of these scenarios, and whether the abusive be sexual, physical or verbal, the victim hates how they are being treated, but has this irrational love for whoever is treating them that way. This song is about the confusion caused by these conflicting feelings within the victim.
Indifference is the killer. 
I never thought this song is about drugs, but it's actually a very interesting way to look at it. Anyway, I think it's clear that is about a sick relationship, two people who love each other but at the same time they hate each other, they can't stand being around the other. Love and hate are closer than we think.

I interpret this song as a guy struggling to discover his feelings for someone - God, a friend, a parent, a sibling, a lover, etc. He can't stand the way they act (whether it be their behavior, their decisions, etc.) but he still can't help but love them.

According to the music video, I think that the song is about the difficulties as a teenager. Mainly it is about this girl that he loves but also it's about his father (he doesn't appear as much as the girl though, but you can see him at 0:43 E.G) and maybe more things as well. There are some drugs in the video, but as I see it they are there to numb his pains. They have no part in the love/hate. One detail is all the teenagers that appear in the video, E.G on 2:40 and forward. I believe that this is a hint that the feelings expressed in the song is about the heavy feelings that many teenagers experiences when they grow up. Some of the classical problems are love troubles and arguments with one’s family, which are in the video. In the very end he smashes a picture frame of a boy (himself I suppose) and a girl. This ensures me that the strongest feelings expressed in the song are the feelings for the girl. As I understand the video the story about him and the girl is a love story where he is deeply in love with her (maybe they even have been in a relationship once) but she does not want him (anymore?) and she dates other guys (possibly to make him jealous). He can't do anything about it. He's just standing there, watching his big love kiss others. The song is about the pain of being in love with her without her loving him. (And if I'm right the pain may also be caused by her cold-heartedness when she wants to make him jealous). "Every roommate kept awake by every sigh and scream we make" suggests that they have been in a relationship. There is a girl appearing at 0:48 (and some other times as well). Could this be the same girl? For if so, I'm pretty sure that they've been dating. I could see two possibilities with these scenes: either the girl have had sex with some other guys (once again, to make him jealous. But it could also be attempt to forget him) but afterwards she ends up missing him. Or this is a flash back vision from their previous relationship (but the guy at 1:37 does not feel like him, which speaks against this theory). She seems sad, but she holds the paper with their initials written in hearts (LL+RM<3). This gives a feeling that she does love him, but does not feel happy about their relationship.
On top of all this pain he does not get along well with his father. His father is drinking (0:16) and hitting him (or at least they had a major argument where he was knocked over (0:42)).
I think this song fits me perfectly!!!! Because the guy I like used to do drugs and he and I slept in the same room with my roommate at college, but me and him had a love/hate relationship... we never fought like out loud but we had our methods of fighting, I hated what he did, but I love him anyways... at least that's my interpretation...
I think this song is about people; one of those people hates the other one but yet loves the other.
Yeah. I really like the one that said ‘Indifference is the killer.’ What does that mean? Well, you’ll have to go find out for yourself.

I just found out that it’s 3DG, not TDG. Sorry. D:

I’ll be off on my torturous journey to... Finals land now. Bye guys.
I hate everything about you, why do I love everything about you?

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