Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Churchill - I Am Yours

And I'm back with Churchill. :)

Churchill was here two posts ago, so I'm not going to re-educate you guys on them. But they still rock. <3

This song is calming. It's really nice to listen to. Another song from the same album, Change EP, is Sing Out Your Love. It's extremely calming, and it's just awesome in general.
None of these songs are screamo, unlike the Three Days Grace one I posted last time. :)

I'm thinking of Kurt Cobain. RIP. </3

Anyways. Yeah. I'm really DYING under ALL THIS PRESSURE to get GOOD GRADES (because I'm ASIAN *cough-choke*) and I have TONS of homework, but I NEED TO POST BECAUSE I'VE BEEN DITCHING OUT AND I SUCK.


Anyways, heheheheh.
Back to Churchill.
I posted info on them before, here it is again:
Churchill formed in 2008 and are still active. :) Churchill is consisted of five members - Tim Bruns (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Tyle Rima (bass), Bethany Kelly (vocals/keys - which I'm guessing is related to piano), Joe Richmond (DRUMS WOOO.), and Mike Porter (ukulele/banjo/mandolin).
And boom. I have to go back to homework.
This post was a lot of junk.

I am disappointed in myself.
Bye guys.

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