Wednesday, December 5, 2012


What's going on everyone? We've been having the worst views ever so far!! And we're so close to 10,000 too TT-TT Did people die..? Did you die? Did we die(hahaha... no)? C'mon you guys!! I wanna keep this page going!!!

I'm sorry I can't post. It's busy week this week! Damn science and history project got me busy.. And my mom would kick me out of my computer if I don't get a good grade on these projects. Y'know... Asian parents

Anyways. I have a few songs in mind but I can't post now since I am in the middle of my project and my family thinks this is part of my homework(hahaha... no). So I have like around 5 minutes before I'll end this post and publish it.

I know you guys think we died because of the very un-recent post but we are healthy and alive(well at least Tennie is). We will try our best so come back as soon as possible! Don't worry people of this blog! We shall be the very active and hyper blog we are very soon!

Okay! Cya later Music Lovers! ;)

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