Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thank Ye All for the 9, 417 views.

Seriously, guys.

Even though we have 583 page views left to go (in which you should definitely let others know about us for the sake of my patience and sanity. :U), I'm really proud.
This blog started out as some lame noob's music sharing vent, and that generated... Seven views a day, which got me really hyped up. And it just kept going, and when I added little notes about who the music artist/group was, I started learning more, and I searched up song interpretations too, which gave me perspective and insight.

Overall, I became less stupid and more aware of the music community/industry.

And I have to thank you for that.

Also, me and Ahri got to communicate more and I got to know her taste in music a little more. I haven't seen her in a while. But we still blog, and it also kind of lets out some steam when I'm typing up a long overdue post to you guys.
Even though we barely get comments, we get pageviews! It makes me happy to see that my dedication to something is getting at least some acknowledgment.

Again, thank you all SO MUCH.
But seriously, you guys should follow the blog. o 3o
*insert giant naked panda with censors here*

And I actually got this email on day from this awesome person who said that me and Ahri's blog was, and I quote, "MOTHA-PANCAKING AWESHUM, EVEN BETTER THAN RUNNING AROUND WITH YOUR SHIRT TUCKED INTO YOUR LONG UNDERWEAR AS A LITTLE KID BELIEVING IT WAS FREAKING FASHION. And believe me, that was just plain sexy in my opinion, and I felt GREAT."
And I'm like, "Holy frittatas, I'm loved."

And my day was awesome from there on. So thank you, O Epic Blog Viewer. <3

Thus, my little post of rant-love is concluded.
Thanks an elephant ton, guys (and girls, if you're being picky).
Love you all.
(And yes, I went on a Tumblr spree for 'thank you gifs' and stuff. Hehe.)

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