Friday, December 7, 2012

Marianas Trench - Desperate Measures

For a first effort, this feels kinda last ditch.

[If I don't post, I am SCREWED. Please, just reassure me by making the views go up by at least five? TT.TT]

I love Marianas Trench. They've been my addiction for... About a month now.
Yeah, they're some of the only things that I listen to when I get on my computer. And Pandora is great.
Yeah, it's me, Tennie. xD

To me, it's kind of hard to interpret this song. Usually, you only interpret things you've experienced, or read about (this is slightly like experiencing it, but not exactly - unless the work is so good, which has happened in mankind. :D), but some lyrics just explain the ENTIRE thing.
Which comes in handy in life sometimes.

Anyways. On with the song. <3

It's about this guy who just wants this girl. She's not noticing him the way he wants her to.
He wants some desperate measures so their paths will meet.

My internet might be cut off soon, so that's all I have for today.

My poor heart will only surrender.

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