Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Death Cab For Cutie - Underneath The Sycamore

We are all the same, we are all the same, we are all the same.

Read the announcement, then go on to the blog post. Haha, thanks.

This blog is in need of one or two more authors and possible admins.
Seeing as school sucks and takes up a lot of time in our lives, we can't post that much and don't want this blog to lie idle.
Please email epic.wafflepanda@gmail.com if you think you or someone else would be great for this spot as an author and possible admin.
Please state who you or the person you're recommending are/is, why you think you or the person you're recommending is great for this position, how many posts per month you think could make, your email, and of course, please put the topic of the email as 'Blog Admin Candidate' or something like that. You can also add previous experience as another blog admin, or just random stuff you want us to know. xD
Thank yee, thank yee.

Aaaaaand back to 'Underneath The Sycamore' by Death Cab For Cutie, which is an awesome American alternative-rock band.

This song has so many interpretations and meanings that it honestly is just your opinion and perspective.
To me, this song is about a guy who is suddenly 'awakened' by the realization that he wants/needs to change. He has gone through many tough trials and hardships which he has overcome, and then he meets his 'other half' who has also led a hard life.
This is where we find our peace, this is where we are released.
I really like that line, and not just because it rhymes in a slightly hauntingly way. :D

Death Cab For Cutie is an American alternative-rock band that formed in 1997 in Bellingham, Washington. It is made up of four members - Ben Gibbards on vocals, guitar, and piano, Nick Harmer on bass, Chris Walla on guitar and keyboard, and Jason McGerr on drums.
(I really like Ben Gibbard's voice. It gives me the chills. <3)
Their music is classified as indie pop, indie rock, alternative rock, and emo (although, I really hate it when people label others as 'emo' or their music or just something).
Their most recent album, Codes And Keys (2011), is where this song comes from. 8'D

And that's all I've got for you guys.
Remember to email the email address if you or someone you know seems fit to be an author and/or possible admin on this blog! We need authors. o Ao
Even guest authors. <3

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