Saturday, December 29, 2012

Churchill - Change

To make you want me, I can fabricate the truth.

ARGHHHH. I'M BACK. After a long break. I'm extremely sorry.
But I do hope your Christmas went well. Stuff yourself with food, feast on random stuff. :)
I have an apple cider hangover. Waah. o.e


This is one of my favorite songs. I love the bass beat, I love the meaning (well, the meaning I've derived from the lyrics), and just the group Churchill.

Churchill formed in 2008 and are still active. :)
Churchill is consisted of five members - Tim Bruns (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Tyle Rima (bass), Bethany Kelly (vocals/keys - which I'm guessing is related to piano), Joe Richmond (DRUMS WOOO.), and Mike Porter (ukulele/banjo/mandolin).

I honestly have never heard of an indie folk/rock band, but these guys are one, so that's pretty sweet.

That's all I've got for you guys.
Gotta go back to meta-tagging my MP3s and finding a free music editor track program thing.
Love you all. Yes, you. *points*


Oh, and that admin offer is still open.
You've got the story all made up inside your head.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thank Ye All for the 9, 417 views.

Seriously, guys.

Even though we have 583 page views left to go (in which you should definitely let others know about us for the sake of my patience and sanity. :U), I'm really proud.
This blog started out as some lame noob's music sharing vent, and that generated... Seven views a day, which got me really hyped up. And it just kept going, and when I added little notes about who the music artist/group was, I started learning more, and I searched up song interpretations too, which gave me perspective and insight.

Overall, I became less stupid and more aware of the music community/industry.

And I have to thank you for that.

Also, me and Ahri got to communicate more and I got to know her taste in music a little more. I haven't seen her in a while. But we still blog, and it also kind of lets out some steam when I'm typing up a long overdue post to you guys.
Even though we barely get comments, we get pageviews! It makes me happy to see that my dedication to something is getting at least some acknowledgment.

Again, thank you all SO MUCH.
But seriously, you guys should follow the blog. o 3o
*insert giant naked panda with censors here*

And I actually got this email on day from this awesome person who said that me and Ahri's blog was, and I quote, "MOTHA-PANCAKING AWESHUM, EVEN BETTER THAN RUNNING AROUND WITH YOUR SHIRT TUCKED INTO YOUR LONG UNDERWEAR AS A LITTLE KID BELIEVING IT WAS FREAKING FASHION. And believe me, that was just plain sexy in my opinion, and I felt GREAT."
And I'm like, "Holy frittatas, I'm loved."

And my day was awesome from there on. So thank you, O Epic Blog Viewer. <3

Thus, my little post of rant-love is concluded.
Thanks an elephant ton, guys (and girls, if you're being picky).
Love you all.
(And yes, I went on a Tumblr spree for 'thank you gifs' and stuff. Hehe.)

Death Cab For Cutie - Underneath The Sycamore

We are all the same, we are all the same, we are all the same.

Read the announcement, then go on to the blog post. Haha, thanks.

This blog is in need of one or two more authors and possible admins.
Seeing as school sucks and takes up a lot of time in our lives, we can't post that much and don't want this blog to lie idle.
Please email if you think you or someone else would be great for this spot as an author and possible admin.
Please state who you or the person you're recommending are/is, why you think you or the person you're recommending is great for this position, how many posts per month you think could make, your email, and of course, please put the topic of the email as 'Blog Admin Candidate' or something like that. You can also add previous experience as another blog admin, or just random stuff you want us to know. xD
Thank yee, thank yee.

Aaaaaand back to 'Underneath The Sycamore' by Death Cab For Cutie, which is an awesome American alternative-rock band.

This song has so many interpretations and meanings that it honestly is just your opinion and perspective.
To me, this song is about a guy who is suddenly 'awakened' by the realization that he wants/needs to change. He has gone through many tough trials and hardships which he has overcome, and then he meets his 'other half' who has also led a hard life.
This is where we find our peace, this is where we are released.
I really like that line, and not just because it rhymes in a slightly hauntingly way. :D

Death Cab For Cutie is an American alternative-rock band that formed in 1997 in Bellingham, Washington. It is made up of four members - Ben Gibbards on vocals, guitar, and piano, Nick Harmer on bass, Chris Walla on guitar and keyboard, and Jason McGerr on drums.
(I really like Ben Gibbard's voice. It gives me the chills. <3)
Their music is classified as indie pop, indie rock, alternative rock, and emo (although, I really hate it when people label others as 'emo' or their music or just something).
Their most recent album, Codes And Keys (2011), is where this song comes from. 8'D

And that's all I've got for you guys.
Remember to email the email address if you or someone you know seems fit to be an author and/or possible admin on this blog! We need authors. o Ao
Even guest authors. <3

Yeah. Bye now. \m/

Friday, December 7, 2012

Marianas Trench - Desperate Measures

For a first effort, this feels kinda last ditch.

[If I don't post, I am SCREWED. Please, just reassure me by making the views go up by at least five? TT.TT]

I love Marianas Trench. They've been my addiction for... About a month now.
Yeah, they're some of the only things that I listen to when I get on my computer. And Pandora is great.
Yeah, it's me, Tennie. xD

To me, it's kind of hard to interpret this song. Usually, you only interpret things you've experienced, or read about (this is slightly like experiencing it, but not exactly - unless the work is so good, which has happened in mankind. :D), but some lyrics just explain the ENTIRE thing.
Which comes in handy in life sometimes.

Anyways. On with the song. <3

It's about this guy who just wants this girl. She's not noticing him the way he wants her to.
He wants some desperate measures so their paths will meet.

My internet might be cut off soon, so that's all I have for today.

My poor heart will only surrender.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


What's going on everyone? We've been having the worst views ever so far!! And we're so close to 10,000 too TT-TT Did people die..? Did you die? Did we die(hahaha... no)? C'mon you guys!! I wanna keep this page going!!!

I'm sorry I can't post. It's busy week this week! Damn science and history project got me busy.. And my mom would kick me out of my computer if I don't get a good grade on these projects. Y'know... Asian parents

Anyways. I have a few songs in mind but I can't post now since I am in the middle of my project and my family thinks this is part of my homework(hahaha... no). So I have like around 5 minutes before I'll end this post and publish it.

I know you guys think we died because of the very un-recent post but we are healthy and alive(well at least Tennie is). We will try our best so come back as soon as possible! Don't worry people of this blog! We shall be the very active and hyper blog we are very soon!

Okay! Cya later Music Lovers! ;)