Saturday, November 10, 2012

Matchbox Twenty - She's So Mean

She's a Motown, get around, anything-goes girl.

I am so sorry for not updating. As for Ahri-chan, I'm sure she's busy with school and stuff.

Anyhow, I've been okay in general. My school has a Medieval Fair tomorrow, and everyone has to dress up as something medieval. Ugh.

Alrighty. Onto *insert ba ba da DAAAAAA fanfare here with majestic, shiny trumpets here* Matchbox Twenty and She's So Mean! :D

[I really am so sorry for being a lazy butt. So sorry. Really. But now I have a three-day weekend and a good, long period to blog and sleep! Hopefully. -__-]

To me, this song is about a girl who gets what she wants. She's "mean" because she has the guts (haha, Glitter Puke) to go with her guy to the club, then leave with her friends.
"She's like a one-way ticket, you can't come back."
Hehe. Think on that for a bit.

AND NOW FOR... *drumroll please* EDUCATION SECTION!!! xDDD
Matchbox Twenty is an American pop-rock band that has been active since 1995! The band is made up of Rob Thomas on vocals and keyboard, Paul Doucette on back-up vocals, drums, and rhythm guitar, Brian Yale on bass (guitar), Kyle Cook on lead guitar and back-up vocals, and Stacy Jones, their touring drummer.
These guys rose to fame in 1996 with their debut album, Yourself Or Someone Like You, which recieved a 'Diamond Certification' in the US, and multi-platinum awards in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
It turns out that their first rhythm guitarist, Adam Gaynor, quit the band and was replaced by Paul Doucette, their current rhythm guitarist.

And, that's all I've got for you guys.
I think I'm actually turning into a Directioner. TT___TT

Bye now. \m/
She's a hardcore, candy store, gimme-some-more girl.

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