Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mayday Parade - Terrible Things

That's when I met your mother, the girl of my dreams.

Hi guys.

I hate to crush anyone's great day (okay, I'm lying, but at least I'm being considerate of your feelings, ne?), but this is a depressing song. So I understand if you don't wanna read this post. It's okay. (GIMME 50000000+ PAGEVIEWS. NAO. Jkay. *winky face*)
I always get sad when I hear this beautiful song. I'm just really sad, and I love this song. So, so much. I love Mayday Parade and Secondhand Serenade at the moment. <3
This song is telling a story, in my opinion.
I think I'm going to dissect this song. That's how good it is.
By the time I was your age, I'd give anything. To fall in love truly, was all I could think. That's when I met your mother, the girl of my dreams, the most beautiful woman that I'd ever seen.
It is what it is. See how it's like a story?
She said, "Boy can I tell you a wonderful thing? I can't help but notice, you're staring at me. I know I shouldn't say this, but I really believe I can tell by your eyes that you're in love with me."
Awww. <444
Now son, I'm only telling you this, because life, can do terrible things.
That's just like a forewarning. Keep it in mind.
Now most of the time, we'd had too much to drink, and we'd laugh at the stars and we'd share everything. Too young to notice, and too dumb to care; love was a story, that couldn't compare."
Translation in my speak: We'd get drunk a lot, enjoy each other's company under the stars. <3
I said, "Girl, can I tell you a wonderful thing? I made you a present with paper and string. Open with care now, I'm asking you, please. You know that I love you, will you marry me?"
He made a present for the girl he loved. And he proposed to her.
Now son, I'm only telling you this because life can do terrible things. You'll learn, one day, I'll hope and I'll pray that God shows you differently.
Here comes the best, saddest, worse-est, cry-ful-est part ever. TT__TT
She said, "Boy, can I tell you a terrible thing? It seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks. Please don't be sad now, I truly believe you were greatest thing that ever happened to me."Slow, so slow I fell on the ground, on my knees. 
That part always makes me sadder. But I feel like it's the best part... Weird, right? </3
So don't fall in love, there's just too much to lose, if given the choice, then, I'm begging you, choose to walk away, walk away, don't let her get you. I can't bear to see the same happen to you. Now son, I'm only telling you this because life can do terrible things. 
That's just... Yeah. It's a very pessimistic few lines from an optimistic point of view, but everyone seems to interpret those lines quite differently, from my point of view.
To me, it's just what it's saying literally - don't fall in love for fear of being hurt.

And yeah. That's all I've got for now in apologization (G'DAMMIT, IT'S A WORD OKAY) for being an absentee. </3
Bye now.
-Tennie. \m/
The most beautiful woman I'd ever seen.

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