Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Marianas Trench - Haven't Had Enough

Exit, exit, somehow I guessed it right.

God, I love Marianas Trench SO MUCH.
I hate geography. I love this band. <3
Yeah, good morning to you too. It's currently 1:05AM precisely as I'm typing.

Marianas Trench is a Vancouver-based rock band that all started with Josh Ramsay, whose dad owned the Little Mountain Sound studio that recorded big "oldies" bands like Aerosmith!
MT formed in 2001 with Josh Ramsay on vocals, piano, and guitar, Ian Casselman on percussion, drums, and backing vocals, Matt Webb on guitar, backing vocals and Ian Ayley on bass guitar and backing vocals. They've been on the market since 2001.
They have released three full albums so far, with the latest one, Ever After, released on November 21, 2011. Their music is classified as pop-punk and pop-rock.

This song is quite upbeat, honestly. I love it. And there's some sick electric guitar in there. *squee*
Screw One Direction, Marianas Trench is FIIIIIIIIINE.

And they have sexy voices.
Versus One Direction.
La la la.
I'm in heaven.

Okay. Back to the topic at hand.
This song, Haven't Had Enough, is about this guy who is super sure that his crush likes him back, but is with another guy.
You know, you know, you love the way I linger.
You choose your words, careful voice. You say you want someone just like me. So then why am I your plan, why am I your plan, why am I your Plan B?
Hehehe. I LOVE THIS BAND. <3
And I better sleep NOW otherwise it'll take a huge toll on me in... about... five and a half hours.
I need five hours of sleep at least...
Eh, it's okay. Marianas Trench is worth it.
Hey, it's almost two in le morning.
Okay. Bye now.
I still want ya, want ya. Don't mean to taunt ya.

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