Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marianas Trench - B Team

You never say yes, not quite no. Say just enough to make me not go.

I have an addiction to Marianas Trench. I love them so much. The moment I get on the computer, I open Spotify (a free iTunes on the computer type of thing which is just plain wonderful for me, because I like free stuff and I like music and I like free music too. :U)
This is one of the first songs I'd pick... Out of the... 10 I'd pick from... And their album that I pick from, Ever After, has 10 songs... Ahaha. I suck with willpower and stuff.

This is the video with the best sound quality I could find. The rest sucks, and there was no music video made for this song, I believe. (I just couldn't find one. If you find one, comment the link and I'll change the one in this post. Fanks velly much.)
(It's a lyric video, if you haven't noticed yet. xD)

La la la. I love this song. It's so upbeat, yet it's not a stupid pop song about:
Yeah, I is done now. =^=;

Marianas Trench, as said in the other post, is mainly a pop-punk group. Just clarifying that. Thus, the beat and lyrics and backbeat and guitar is catchy and peppy and upbeat, most of the time. It's not all candy and rainbows and unicorns sliding down rainbows barfing candy and shooting sparkles out of their magical horns with magicalness.
(And they're sexy. Yeah. I'm so weird. Ha, self. I know, I'm funny. Stop making yourself believe LIES. My self-esteem has been damaged. ;-; AHHH WHY AM I TALKING TO MYSELF.)

Anyways. The song's general idea is about this guy who believes that the girl he likes likes him and she wants (needs, perhaps) a guy like him. However, the girl isn't accepting him in that sense and is slightly using him. She says that she wants a guy like him, and he's wondering why he's the 'Plan B' and such.


I'm done here. ^.^"
Time to update my 'About Me' section on Ahri's gaming blog. Byeeee.

You know, you know, you love the way I linger.

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