Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jeff Williams feat. Lamar Hall, Sandy Casey & Red Rapper - Pray

Favorite Lyrics:

I sworn to elegance, decadently in sentences
Maybe I'm just a veteran running out of his medicine
Maybe a definite epitaph would've been generous
But all I get's a whisper, "Yo where the fuck is Connecticut?"

Pray for the day that the lies don't find you
Pray that the end isn't right behind you

My notes/commentary:

(If you are watching RvB and are not in Season 10 yet, DO NOT READ! This includes a bit spoilers to the Season.... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!)
WHO HERE IS A FAN OF RED VS BLUE(RvB)?! If you are, you better know this song! 
Only RvB fans would know! This song played while Tex, Carolina, C.T., and that other guy(forgot the name XD) fought and where C.T. died.... 
TT-TT So sad... I felt like crying. But I didn't because I'm a nobody with no heart! ^_^''' 
So yea. This song still makes a very decent battle theme if you ask me! I just love it. 
Sometimes when I have to practice my battle skills, I grab my phone, play this song and start kicking ass! ^_^  
Well this is post number 2. Let's see if I'm able to make one more post for you guys^_^ 

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