Friday, November 2, 2012

Flipsyde (feat. Piper) - Happy Birthday: Part Two.

Maybe one day we could meet face-to-face, in the place without time or space.
I suck. Totally forgot about typing up another post for Happy Birthday. T^T
Yeah, I suck. *headdesk*
But now that my laptop's been taken away, I can't be on as much.

Email me at or if you wanna help as an author. I use my Yahoo more, though.

And about that field trip I told you guys about? Well, yeah. It was pretty awesome, and I got two packs of "Astronaut Freeze-Dried Ice Cream" in Mint Chocolate and Cookies/Cream. Hehe. And I got these epic sunglasses. Dude. Stuff at museums are expensive. ;~;"
We went to the California Academy of Science in San Francisco, California, East Bay, United States of America, Planet Earth, if you were curious. :D

The ones I got are the pair on the bottom, the short moostache. Hehe.
One dude in my class got the second pair down, the mafia drug dealer ones. It was hilarious. B{
The brand is Sun-Staches, if you wanted to know. (Facebook page; Website.)

Anyways, back to Flipsyde and Piper.
What I thought was a dream (make a wish), was as real as it seemed (happy birthday) What I thought was a dream (make a wish), was as real as it seemed. I made a mistake.
That repetitive chorus seems (to me, all this junk is spewing from me) to be a mini-rant about how the fact that he'd actually made an abortion happen and how it seemed like an impossible feat actually happened. (If that makes any sense at all...)
From the heavens to the womb to the heavens again, from the endin' to the endin', never got to begin. Maybe one day we could meet face to face? In the place without time and space. Happy birthday.
(I'm not sure if I covered this part, and if I already did, I don't particularly care. Yeah. Just wanted to throw that out there.)
He's wondering if he can ever meet the "was-be" baby. "In the place without time and space" shows (this is purely based on my opinion and... life...) that maybe he could meet the little baby in those dream-like places that are all peaceful and calming. And that's it for the lyric part.
Feel free to comment with other lyrics from this song, or songs you want me to put on the blog.

And for the artist part - um. Flipsyde is a R&B artist/rapper from Oakland, California (don't go all racist or anything on me now) and he's been in the music industry since 2003. This song, Happy Birthday, is from the album We The People. And that's all I've got for you guys. \m/
And that concludes my Part Two on Happy Birthday.

I won't be on as much, but like I said - feel free to email me and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. And I'm kind of in grief right now. So I'll be in seclusion for a bit with my chocolate.

Okay, guys, bye for now. I'll try to be on more often, but without my laptop it's hard.

Bye. Love you all.
(Yes, you Adam. Rest in peace in New York. Please. You've passed into a better place than this horrid universe.)

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