Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Duke Spirit - Homecoming

I thought someday I'd melt in front of you.

Whenever I reread my posts now, I get mad because I think of how people just don't read my post and they complain on how it's "sooooooo looooong" and how they just look at the cover. So screw you, idiots who do that. You freaking infuriate me. I stay up later than I should be just putting work into this blog. You female dogs. I hate you, I hate you all. Or I at least am annoyed with you lot. Screw you. Music losers. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
I feel like I'm wasting time on you and trying to satisfy you. So what if I lose followers? I'll have at least one person on my back, and that's Ahri-chan.
And my teddy bears. And lambs. And elephants. And Charmander.
Now, away with you dog turds and on with the awesome people who ACTUALLY READ MY POSTS. THANK YOU.

Hey guys.
Sorry for not being around. (I often check back and wonder how the heck three days feels like forever.) I've been so busy, and I think that the idea of anorexia has been crossing my mind a lot. Not that I'm going to be anorexic, it's just that my legs need to be skinnier. xD

Anyhow, on another note, I think I'm influencing kids and parents. (Good or bad, I don't know.) Haha.
My mum's friends are getting around the time of registering for instrumental testing (ew, I'm doing Certificate of Merit, otherwise known as CM...) and they keep calling me or my mum to ask questions. Some of them even come to our house. I play piano for them and answers questions. Heh. I amaze them. :U
Verily. *cough of arrogance*

Ahahaha, anyways: on to Homecoming! (Wow. I'm now a knightress going to save a damsel-man in distress. I love MMORPGs.) Basically - to me, this song is about a guy (day)dreaming about how he asked this girl to homecoming one year, and about how he really wanted her to say yes. "I will always think upon the way I wanted you" describes this.
This song is from their album "Bruiser" and there's a RAM on it! Baaaaa. *poops* Haha... Haha?
The Duke Spirit is an English rock band that was based around London. Motown, alt. rock, and rock/roll influenced this 5-member band. They've also been in service since 2003, and its members (which play more than one part in the band) are: Liela Moss on vocals, Toby Butler and Luke Ford on guitar, Marc Sallis on bass guitar, and Olly "The Kid" Betts on drums.

Okay now. I'll try to post more. I updated my "Blog Music." playlist, so yeah, I have plans.
Peace OUT. xD
-(A still pissed and lethal) Tennie.
Cotton sleeve I conceive of your friend cares.

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