Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tennie - Announcement! *le gasp*

Why, hello there, my little slaves. Bwahahaha.

Hai guys. *salute*
I'm planning on changing the URL of this blog... Le Music Turds. Hahaha, you wish. Le Music Nerds? I dunno. ;o;
Anyways, as you can probably see, this blog has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with omelets...
Because, well, if you started in the beginning with me, you could tell I started signing my posts with "-omelet" and so, omelet's music.
When Ahri comes back, we'll most likely change it to something epic! :D

You guys are welcome to suggest idea titles in comments and such.
Okay now, all. Keep thinking of Ahri-chan.

Always and forever not yours,
Tennie-chan. (Short for Tenten from Naruto, you idiots.)

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