Thursday, October 11, 2012

Phoenix - Girlfriend

Tired out, not a miracle in days.

Hey guys. ^w^
So. How you be'z doin'? :)
I just finished all four of my last bubble tea jellies, Oh, the terribleness of empty plastic containers. TT_______TT
I FREAKING LOVE DAISO. At the Daiso near the public library, which I walk to sometimes, there is a Tapioca Express. AHH. Best trio everrr. <3

Anyways, on with Phoenix. They've been on here before - four to seven posts ago? o___O
This song can be interpreted in tons of ways. It could be that their relationship is just dying, fading away (well, this feels deja vu...) or one person in the relationship feels like the other is complaining about nothing.
To me, the song is about a boy that's irritated with his girlfriend who complains about absolutely nothing, and how she doesn't have any aspirations, dreams, or goals. She's just sitting there. In short, it's about a guy who has issues with his girlfriend.

This post is a short one for my friend Juju (nope, that's not her real name). She's too lazy to read my long, VALUABLE posts. -__-

More next time, people. :)
Motivate me with pageviews! Record at the moment: 149 or something like that. I'm so happy! Thanks for all the support~

Farewell, well, well, well, well, well, well.

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