Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alex Clare - Too Close

And it feels like I am just too close to love you.

Wow. Dedicated to my bro Jesse. ;w;
(So if you don't read this, I'll be very saaaaaad.)
The only reason I discovered Alex Clare was because of my late-night chatting and procrastinating issues, so I guess that they're actually put to good use sometimes. :)
Thanks for so many pageviews, guys. 202! I'm so happy~

Anyhow. On with Alex Clare and his song. Woo!
To me, this song is talking about a guy who falls for his best friend (perhaps gay guy bestie, you never know) but feels like he's not allowed to, because they're so close that if he spills his feelings for her/him, then she could reject him and their relationship would be jeopardized. But that's just from my perspective of the world's relationships.
Alex Clare, born September 14, 1985 as Alexander George Clare is a British songwriter. The Lateness of the Hour, his debut album, was released last year, in 2011. He adopted his current stage name, Alex Clare, in 2010. He plays the drums, ukulele (WOO! I PLAY THAT TOOOO!), guitar, keyboard, harmonica, sings, and messes with synthesizers. (Hehe.)

Anyways. That's about it for me. Sorry for disappearing. Life just sucked in general, I got lazy (but then again, when am I not? *sighs*), and I was just really busy with crap.

I thought I would never say this, but comment and follow! Woo!

Okies. Bai nao. \m/
I can't lie no more. Got to be true to myself.

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