Friday, September 21, 2012

Dragonette - Pick Up The Phone

Come on, Cherry, Cherry.


Hi guys! :D
I think I'm on a sugar rush. Hm.

The song is Pick Up The Phone by Dragonette. It's one of my favorites. The lyrics are thrilling (to me...), and Dragonette themselves is pretty cool. They freaks me out in a good way. OwO

Although Dragonette from glancing at the cover seems like a solo act, "she" is actually a Canadian electropop group from Toronto, Canada. The three, Martina Sorbara (singer/songwriter), Dan Kurtz (bassist and producer), and the drummer, Joel Stouffer (yes. I know. Stouffer foods. yum. :D) grafted together in 2005. Before relocating to London and being signed to Mercury Records, Dragonette produced an EP (extended play), an album that had more songs than a single, but too little to be considered an album. When in London (that sounds familiar... poetry maybe? I don't know.), they recorded and released Galore, their debut album. In 2009, Fixin To Thrill (the album where Pick Up The Phone is from) was released as their second studio album. Bodyparts, their third studio album is expected to be released quite soon, on September 25, 2012. I'm excited. Yay!

(The first few times I looked at the album cover, I thought her hair DID have sharp corners. My sight sucks. AND I HAVE GLASSES!)

Well, that's about it. I have homework (pfft.) and instruments calling to me ("Omelet! Omie! Come play us! WE NEED YOU!")
Where was that from? Big Bang Theory? When the blonde chick wanted those hot pink platforms (I think. I have really bad short-term memory. Agh.) and couldn't afford them... Yet kept them anyways. Oh, society.

Later, peace junkies! :D
(I think I might just call you guys that. Give me some ideas. Brain dead at the moment.)
Everywhere around us, take a photograph.

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