Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Chemical Romance - Dead!

Did you get what you deserve?
You can see I love emo-pop. I'm not emo though, don't stereotype me. Because stereotypes pre-judge, and that's MESSED UP.
This song... Is about death. And living without getting what you earn or want or deserve, because life isn't fair.
Anyways. That's just my point of view from a humble (okay, maybe not humble...) perspective.
Heads up! We've got a new admin named Ahri-chan who's absolutely wonderful and knows a lot more about J-Pop and K-Pop than me! But Gangnam Style is my new obsession. LOVE YOU, PSY! :D

MOOSTACHES UNITES. All the pringle ladies~
-omelet, bro! (.________.)

The ending of your life.

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