Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A new admin?! YAY!!!

Hello random people who watch this blog! I'm here to introduce me as the new Admin!!!
Anyways... -cough cough- It's nice to meet you guys! 
I would be mainly posting some K-pop, J-pop, music like that.
Don't worry! I'll post others songs too (that are English).
To tell the difference between me and omelet, I will have " *~Ahri-chan~* " on the bottom.
Easy to tell the difference now right? I hope so.. :/
(omelet: omelet will now put omelet on the bottom of her posts. because she's just so shocked that Ahri-chan has such a beautiful siggy and stuff. she's *coughjealouscough*)

Anyways... Hmm.. What else should I mention? 
Well... I'll be here almost everyday. School just started and I might get busy.
I'll try to post from time to time. I'll do the best I can in order for this to work! ^_^
Let's get to my basic info. Shall we?
I'm a girl, I love anime, I hate make-up, I play video games, I have a video game blog, I like the color black, I play tons of kingdom hearts games, I'm starting Final Fantasy, I draw, I roleplay, and yea~!
Hope you guys enjoy having me here! ^_^ 
(time for some pewdiepie~!) CYA LATER BROS! 


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